4 lb. Organic Chinchilla Pellets

Fresh organic alfalfa based chinchilla feed.  

Daily high quality chinchilla feed is vital to your chinchillas overall health and wellness.

Full nutritional analysis provided on the "What's in the Box?" page.

12 oz. Bundle of Loose Timothy Hay

Hay has many benefits to your chinchilla.  

It provides the required fiber to aide in digestion

Keeps their teeth ground down

Provides added nutrients to their diets

Keep them occupied

2 lb. Chinchilla Dust

Regular dust baths are a necessity for chinchillas.  

Pumice dust removes excess oils from your chinchillas fur and will keep them looking and feel good.

Chinchilla dust time is their favorite time!...  And so amusing to watch.   

(1) Safe / Healthy Treat Package

Your ChillaBox "treats" will be centered around dental health and wood chews.

  You will see goji berries and rose hips included in spring and summer month boxes as they have their benefits, but should be used sparingly.

Check the 3 month treat look-ahead in the "What's in the Box?" page for the treats on deck for your ChillaBox

(1) Cage Accessory or Hanging Toy

Cage Accessories and Hanging Toys go a long way to sprucing up your cage and provide hours of entertainment for your chinchilla.

Check the 3 month accessory look-ahead in "What's in the Box"? page for the accessory or hanging toy that is on deck for your ChillaBox

Organic Chinchilla Care Box

For a HAPPY and HEALTHY chinchilla.


  • All organic ingredients
  • Highest quality feed and hay
  • Box emphasis on dental health
  • Hand selected items by chinchilla experts
  • Natural wood products; no dyes


  • Boredom buster toys included
  • Highest quality dust for the best dusting experience
  • Cage accessories that will keep your chinchilla entertained for hours
Everything you need for a healthy chinchilla - in one box - delivered fresh to your doorstep each month!
$39.50 + shipping
  • A high quality chinchilla food is the best way to ensure your chinchilla lives a long, healthy life.  The food you get every month in your ChillaBox is organic, non-GMO and was formulated with chinchilla health at the forefront.  Ingredients such as dried organic kelp and vitamin supplements fight off pathogens and creates immune activity.  
  • Brought from the mill to your doorstep monthly to ensure you always have a fresh supply of food.
  • All organic ingredients provided in your ChillaBox.  
  • All products are free from dyes and artificial coloring.
  • Chinchilla dust is provide direct from the mine to you.
  • Hassle-free!  Once you set up your subscription, you can rest easy knowing your items will be delivered to your doorstep each month.
  • Worry-free!  More than a months supply of food is included in each box to make sure you don't run out of food in the event of an unexpected issue during shipping.
  • Our Blog will keep you informed on chinchilla health and wellness, as well as detailed information on products in your monthly ChillaBox, to include:
  • ChillaBox contains only items that have been deemed safe for your chinchilla.  There are currently no controls in pet stores on what is and isn't safe for chinchillas and many items found are not suited for your fuzzy friend.    
  • With over a decade in the chinchilla industry, we pull from a strong network of chinchilla experts to ensure we are providing the best for your fur baby.
Why Choose ChillaBox?


  • ChillaBox "treat" benefits and recommended portions
  • ChillaBox cage accessory and hanging toys

Sorry all!  Our very talented chinchilla model is not included with subscription

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  • Each monthly box will contain food, hay, dust, a treat and a toy.
  • Check out the "What's In the Box?" page for the 3-Month Look ahead for treats and toys.  We change it up each month to keep it new and exciting for your chin-child.
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